LANDLOCK® Natural Paving

LANDLOCK NATURAL PAVING Inc is the innovator of a co-polymer soil product that is used to revolutionize the way rural and feeder road programs design and maintain a better driving surface as well as erosion and dust control.

LANDLOCK is a biodegradable product that is environmentally safe to use. Acrylic and Vinyl co-polymers are used to manipulate the molecule strands for different soils. LANDLOCK also contains water resisters, Ultraviolet (UV) protection, and additives to optimize the product for different climates. These have made the product last much longer than standard methods.


  • LANDLOCK® is a fraction of the cost of asphalt, which drastically fluctuates with the price of oil. We use on-site soil/road material, offering savings in excavation, transportation, disposal and labor. Savings can range from 40-70% depending on current methods encountered.
  • LANDLOCK® Natural Paving Solutions enable all-weather roads for low to medium traffic to be built more quickly and cheaply overn the life cycle, as well as with lower emissions than conventional methods.
  • LANDLOCK® road technology is being used around the world, improving road development designs while reducing overall cost. Additionally, these roads are helping to reduce the health and safety risks faced by local communities using dirt roads, while also promoting easier access situs judi slot online yang gampang menang by farmers, industrialists, student and tourists.
  • LANDLOCK® unique application techniques utilize reclaimers and soil stabilization machines that allow for large scale commercial work to be completed in a fraction of the time. Efficiency is one of the key benefits of our technology. LANDLOCK® exponentiallynreduces construction time.
  • Our product range is remarkable because of our ability to custom nblend products for YOUR needs. We also use our products in the agriculture industry for dust abatement that in no way effect the growth cycles and quality of the crops. All of our products are environmentally safe. Situs judi slot online terpercaya
  • Whether your needs require stabilization or dust control, LANDLOCK® has a solution. We have a wide variety of product offerings. These range from topical sprays for short and longterm use in forward operating areas used to suppress dust, as well as wetting agents, and surface crust strengtheners.
  • Social responsibility is an obligation that LANDLOCK® and UGICOM take seriously. We pride ourselves in ensuring quality control and consistency in our production facilities. Close ongoing monitoring systems must be in place to eliminate the possibility of potentially hazardous materials contaminating our solutions.
  • The negative global impact that oil based products have had on the environment has given soil stabilization an opportunity to make an impact. LANDLOCK® and UGICOM road building and dust control products are held to the highest standard in environmental and conservancy regulation.